Secure your Digital Transformation

How to Stay Secure in an Insecure World?

The world is going digital at an ever increasing speed. Organizations depend more and more on their data / digital assets and often cannot even function anymore without them. This brings a lot of challenges for today’s CxO’s. Combining the need and drive to digitize or even innovate fast with the need to ensure that no big “accidents” will happen…

The returns for digitizing, innovating, going mobile, being omni-present 24/7 and and and are clear…. But what about the risk of being hacked, having a data breach, getting ddos-ed or being/becoming non-compliant? What about the resulting possible damage to your company’s reputation, the potential financial losses or possible liability claims? 

So without any doubt management is under pressure to move forward (and even experiment in some cases with new technologies like blockhain, AI, etc)  but at the same time to mitigate those risk. Together with new general regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation and eg the Trust Regulation as well as directives like eg Payment Services Directives for the financial sector and the Network and Information Security Directive… organizations  find themselves in an interesting time/space. 

At the same time, negative forces in our society have found new ways of earning money in less ethical ways. Cybercrime (next to eg nation state activities) is clearly on the rise and proving to be sometimes more profitable then classical crime. Recent examples of hacks in the financial sector, but also in eg health sector clearly show that. Even new technologies attract cybercriminals these days big time. 

So the challenge for organizations in this “digital age” is to respond  the question: how to stay secure/compliant in this fast moving space where their funds/time are limited and the funds/time of the criminals seems to be unlimited.  During our event we will look at the state of play on the one hand, and at possible strategy and real solutions on the other as to enable participants to take informed decisions and tackle their organisation’s priority risks in an informed way.


This year’s core subjects:

Human track

  1. User awareness
  2. Cyber incident response plan
  3. Risk management
  4. Data governance

Technical track

  1. Testing & vulnerability management
  2. Protection of critical infrastructures
  3. Ethical hacking
  4. SIEM & SOC

New threats

  1. Combatting cybercrime
  2. Securing robotics & Artificial Intelligence
  3. Securing IoT & industrial defense / SCADA

The day after GDPR

  1. Data leakage / breach
  2. Privacy issues
  3. Compliancy

Target Audience:

The conference focuses on a senior level audience of end users (senior managers and specialists) who want to stay up to date on relevant trends and developments and know the importance of ongoing investment in Cyber Security solutions.

The primary audience for this conference is:

  • CISO / CTO
  • CIO
  • (IT) Security manager
  • (IT) Security officer
  • (IT) Security specialist
  • IT manager
  • Risk / Compliance Officer


Comments about previous edition:
eric smedt.jpg
Eric de Smedt, manager Cyber security
— Telenet
Interesting format with a good mix of presentations about several subjects and relevant 1-to-1 meetings. My recommendation!
Dummy vrouw 400x400.jpg
Martine Vandenberghe, IT security manager
— Belfius
This conference is very well organised. It’s very interesting that there is also time to discuss your challenges with several experts.
Laurent Cuvelier.jpg
Laurent Cuvelier, product manager
— AG Insurance
A nice opportunity to meet top partners of Cyber security! A perfect combination of networking possibilities and very interesting presentations!
Tom Maddalena
Tom Maddalena, Division manager
— De Roeve Industrial IT
Nice combination of subjects, interesting for all cyber security professionals.