Experts 2019

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Bart van den Bosch
UZ Leuven

Bart Van den Bosch (M.D., Lic Informatics, Master of AI, PhD., Specialty in Management of Healthcare data) is the CIO of the University Hospital Leuven, Belgium, assistant professor at the KU Leuven and CTO of nexuzhealth. Under his leadership, the KWS (Clinical Workstation) has been developed which comprises a full medical file. This software is shared with 29 other hospitals which now constitute a single virtual hospital with 13.000 beds. He also developed the first prototype of wintermute which is a clinical decision support framework connected to the CWS for near-line CDS. He is also very active in Belgium government’s eHealth program where his department advises the government, beta-tests and develops software for national use. His main areas of expertise are databases, software engineering, hospital information systems, clinical decision support and telematics.

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Werner Cooreman
Senior Vice President / Security Director
Solvay Group

Werner Cooreman is Chief Security Officer for the Solvay Group, a global advanced materials and specialty chemicals company with over 130 industrial sites, 21 R&D sites and 25.000 employees. Previously Werner held international security roles in DHL Express, Ingram Micro and Engie with incremental responsibilities. Prior to his 17 years in security management in the private industry, he was a career officer in the Belgian Military for 20 years in combat units, where he participated in several assignments with the United Nations and NATO during the Balkan Wars in the nineties. 

Werner’s is an active member in several professional security associations, and holds a Master in Military Sciences from the Belgian Royal Military Academy, a certificate in Terrorism Studies from St Andrews University, as well as other professional security certifications across multiple domains of security.

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Sławomir Górniak
Expert at Data Security & Standardization Unit

Slawomir, CISSP, is a telecommunications engineer focused on network security. Currently he is working at ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) as an expert in security tools and architecture. He is a co-author of ENISA reports covering areas of data protection, electronic identities and information security. He is also responsible for following up and supporting European security related R&D projects and technical developments in standardization. In the past he was involved among others in technology risk management, incident handling policies and systems of early recognition of network attacks.

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Daniëlle Jacobs
General Manager

Daniëlle Jacobs is General Manager of BELTUG, the largest Belgian association of digital technology leaders from businesses and public institutions, with more than 1600 members.

Daniëlle is a member of Digital Minds for Belgium, launched by the Belgian Minister for the Digital Agenda. Danielle is also President of the Board of INTUG, the international association of business users of electronic communications, of which Beltug is a member. Danielle is named Fellow of the Free University of Brussels. She was elected IT person of the year by Computable Belgium 2018.

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Christof Jacques
Security Engineer
Check Point

Christof Jacques is a Security Engineer for Check Point Software Technologies with over ten years of experience in the IT Security field. Christof loves to discuss security topics with customers, big or small. When he’s offline Christof is either enjoying some time with his family or pretending to be a level 18 wizard.

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