Conference news 30 mei 2017

Hacking an election is about manipulating data to affect hearts & minds

If you are thinking about hacking an election, it is not about hacking the voting machines, but it is literally about manipulating the data (fake news) to effect the hearts and minds of everybody voting. We have elections all over Europe this year. I very most doubt this is the very last time we see this type of manipulation.

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Conference news 17 mei 2017

Worldwide Cyberattack

Last weekend a worldwide cyberattack broke-out. In a record time of 72 hours the virus infected over 200.000 companies in 150 different countries. Also the Netherlands got caught by the virus.  

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Conference news 15 mei 2017

Protecting the cloud-first mobile enterprise

More and more organisations are embracing the cloud and mobility to improve productivity and make their business more competitive. This is turning the current security landscape upside down. At the same time newer, more advanced threats are creating new risks that traditional security appliances struggle to keep up with. CIOs and CISOs are looking for new approaches to securely adopt cloud and mobility.

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Partnernews 10 mei 2017

Banking malware steals money

For years hackers have been stealing documents from your machines. No matter what… hackers will always find a way to get in.But once they get in, their problems start: how to monetize the hacked device?

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Conference news 08 mei 2017

On the password paradox and authentication innovation

Chances are that the device on which you’re reading this blog was accessed through one form of authentication or the other. One of the most wide-spread of those methods are passwords. They’ve become such an integral part of our lives that we often don’t think about them anymore. However, danger lurks right around the corner if we drop our guard. 

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Conference news 04 mei 2017

New keynote added to the programme

A new keynote has been added to the programme of the Cyber Security Conference. Robert McArdle from Trend Micro’s will join the conference and discuss the differences in major cybercriminal undergrounds in his keynote 'Exploring the differences in major cybercriminal undergrounds'.

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Conference news 25 april 2017

The Why and How of Ransomware

Ransomware is undeniably becoming one of the biggest threats facing businesses today. The last year or so has seen an incredible rise in the number of ransomware attacks; some reports have claimed that 40% of businesses have been hit within the last year, encrypting files and data until a ransom is paid. 

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Conference news 25 april 2017

Was 2016 the year of the mega breach? New IBM X-Force report out now

The security research experts at IBM X-Force regularly examine the threat landscape to identify key attack vectors and why they are succeeding, who is driving the attacks and what industries are the most impacted. Drawing on insights from nearly 300 million monitored endpoints, 23 billion analyzed webpages and 1 trillion monitored security events every month, IBM X-Force is one of the most renowned commercial security research groups in the world.

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Partnernieuws 14 april 2017


Explore the trends that define today’s threat landscape based on Mandiant’s investigation, including spotlight on trends in the EMEA region. 

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