All registers before April 12th will be able to be the first to choose from the exclusive sessions.

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All registers before April 12th will be able to be the first to choose from the exclusive sessions (limited access):

  • ENISA Permanent Stakeholders Group: European Framework for Certification and role of ENISA
    Following the political agreement that was reached in December 2018, the EU Cybersecurity Act is finally on the last stretch and it is due for adoption by mid-2019. It is a significant milestone, which is expected to give a new impetus to the European industry while meeting policy requirements at Member States’ level. Under the Act, the key role reserved for ENISA is to assist in the preparation of candidate cybersecurity certification schemes. In doing so, ENISA needs to interact with both the EU Member States and the industry stakeholders, for collecting opinion and advice to feed into candidate schemes.

    ENISA looks forward to this newly acquired role and the opportunity it represents for cybersecurity in the EU. In this session Slawomir Górniak will point out the role of ENISA in this European Framework for Certification and what it means for (Belgian) industry in the longer term.

  • ISACA: Incident Handling Workshop
    When a cyber security incident occurs, what happens in the back-stage of the attacked organization? Take part in ISACA Belgium’s cyber security incident workshop, designed to simulate an attack, where you will be able to test your own capabilities by trying to respond to it! 

    All the learning will happen by working in a team, later reviewing implications of your own decisions, comparing to how other teams handled the incident and finally, thanks to the expert’s feedback. 

    After completing this session, you will be able to understand the cyber security incident process, especially how to respond to and communicate during an incident.

  • Solvay Brussels School: Skills and Competences Rescale for CyberSecurity Professionals
    Content coming soon!