Kaspersky ASAP: Automated Security Awareness Platform

Digital threats are evolving. In Northern Europe, Kaspersky Lab is moving towards next generation security solutions and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructures and governments. Kaspersky Lab is a global cybersecurity company, which has been operating in the market for over 21 years. We believe that every company no matter its size should be able to protect what matters to them most.

More than 80% of all cyber-incidents are caused by human error. Enterprises lose millions recovering from staff-related incidents – but the effectiveness of traditional training programs intended to prevent these problems is limited, and they generally fail to inspire and motivate the desired behavior. 

Barriers to launching an efficient security awareness program while companies are eager to implement security awareness programs, not many of them are happy with both the process and the results. companies, which do not usually have the experience and dedicated resources needed, are particularly challenged.

Even organizations with dedicated awareness teams often struggle to achieve a real improvement in user behavior as a result of security awareness training. Many companies choose between a one-time educational effort (like “All about cybersecurity in 1 hour”) and well-structured professional training programs, of which, however, they only use some basic functions and instruments. Typically this consists of a number of waves of simulated phishing attacks per year, plus a few overview lessons, because other program elements are too difficult to run and manage. Either way, employees do not gain the strong skills needed to create a sustained state of security for their organization.

Efficiency and ease of awareness management for organizations of any size

Introducing the Automated Security Awareness Platform, which forms the core of the Kaspersky Security Awareness training portfolio. The Platform is an online tool, building strong and practical cyber-hygiene skills for employees throughout the year. Launching and managing the Platform doesn’t require specific resources and arrangements, and it provides the organization with built-in help at all steps of the journey towards a safe corporate cyber-environment.


Step 1: Setting training objectives and justifying a program

  • Set goals in comparison to global benchmarking
  • Find a balance between target levels of security competence for each group of employees, and the total learning time required to get employees to this level

Step 2: Ensuring all employees are trained up to their appropriate level

  • Use automated learning management which pulls every employee up to the security skills level appropriate to their risk profile
  • Make sure acquired skills are reinforced to prevent obliteration
  • Train people in an individual manner at their own pace to avoid over-training and rejection

Step 3: Monitor progress with actionable reporting and analytics

  • Get live tracking of data, trends and forecasts
  • Use real-time forecasts to achieve the annual training goals
  • Address issues before they become problems (e.g., you know which organizational units need more attention and can influence their results)
  • Benchmark your interim results against global Kaspersky Lab data

Step 4: Guarantee training appreciation and thus efficiency

  • Engage employees with practical interactive exercises
  • Provide learning scenarios that are relevant to participants’ everyday working lives
  • Avoid knowledge overload and training fatigue

Program management: simplicity through automation

Start your program in just 10 minutes
Platform adjusts to the individual pace and learning abilities of each employee
Benefit from specific learning paths for each risk profile
Get actionable reports anytime 

For more informaton, check: https://asap.kaspersky.com/en/