New keynote added to the programme!

A new keynote has been added to the programme of the Cyber Security Conference. Robert McArdle from Trend Micro’s will join the conference and discuss the differences in major cybercriminal undergrounds in his keynote 'Exploring the differences in major cybercriminal undergrounds'.

About your speaker Robert McArdle

Robert McArdle is EMEA Manager within the Forward-looking Threat Research (FTR) team at Trend Micro’s. Robert is involved in analyzing the latest cybercrime threats, specialized in researching the future threat landscape, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and coordinating investigations with international law enforcement.

About the presentation

Since 2012 the Trend Micro’s FTR team has been performing an extensive research into cybercrime underground focussing on Russia. Since the start of the research the process they made has been enormous. They have added analysis for China, Brazil, Us, Japan and Germany and Russia is getting its third paper.

During this keynote Robert will look over the research they did and will go deeper into the specifics of each country. Whether its goods for sale, business models, how criminals operate, culture or even just the way the undergrounds are laid out, in this talk Robert will look over each one and show what sets them apart, and what people in each region should bear in mind when defending themselves.

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