CCB reacts for the first time: 'No worrisome matters'!

The Center for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB) sees no serious threats to the cybersecurity of our country with regard to Chinese interference. About the American and British accusations against Russia, the CCB remains silent..

'There are currently no concrete dangers from China', thus the clear message from the CCB. Despite the increasing tensions in the world around cyber hacking from government institutions, there is insufficient evidence to worry about. Says Miguel De Bruycker, director of the CCB, at a press conference on cybersecurity.

Last week, the United States and Great Britain expressed their allegations to Russia for the 2017 NotPetya hacker attack. In addition, in the United States, and also in the journalist spokesman Reporters Zonder Grenzen (VZG), there are concerns about government interference in Chinese companies, such as Huawei.

'No worrisome matters'

For the time being, Belgium sees no danger in the cooperation with the Chinese Huawei. "We are looking at these vulnerabilities. If we would have an objective report in our hands with reliable data which show reasons for concern, we will warn about it", says De Bruycker.

"On the one hand we look at the objectivity of information, but on the other hand we also assess whether information is sufficiently well-founded." At this moment we have not found any disturbing matters regarding Huawei and therefore it is not yet possible to take a position.”

'Early Warning System'

Regarding the tensions surrounding Russia, De Bruycker avoided our question whether the CCB is worried. On the contrary, he makes a distinction between the types of threats. According to him there is a big difference between an attack by an ordinary hacker group, and organized cybercrime from a government. "You have 'state sponsored actors', namely cyber criminals who are supported by government institutions, often with the aim of disrupting systems or obtaining information."

"Such attacks are a completely different story, compared to an ordinary hacker group, which is why we are working on our so-called" Early Warning System. "By the end of this year we have prepared a first list of" organizations of vital importance. " "All organizations that are part of this, we give access to other information and warnings than the reports received by the companies," De Bruycker said.


Source: datanews