EC3-The Fight Against Europe’s Cyber Criminals

In this session, Head of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, will share insights on how we can Fight Against Europe’s Cyber Criminals. Europol assists the 28 EU Member States in their fight against serious international crime and terrorism. Europol set up the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) in 2013 to strengthen the law enforcement response to cybercrime in the EU and help protect European citizens, businesses and governments from online crime.

  • Are cyber-attacks on your enterprise a result of espionage, organised crime or a random attack
  • What have we learned from high-profile attacks in the last year and how can you adjust your security processes accordingly?
  • International collaboration models and open source platforms to keep you ahead of the threat.

The Curious Case of Security Convergence - Back to the Start

For over a decade, security convergence has been portrayed as the biggest challenge in the corporate security. But is it really the challenge many claim it is? Did the discussion not focus too much on ownership, rather than on outcome? This keynote tells Solvay’s story on how it ended up with an enterprise security risk management philosophy, and the challenges that shaped it’s direction.

Interactive session

Strategy Cafe

In this interactive session, we facilitate Business and ICT Professionals to discuss how they can support their projects and strengthen user-confidence and user-trust in their projects. By using an opinion poll, the attendees and experts will share their thoughts on Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover in the context of managing cybersecurity-related risk.

This session is supervised by chairman of the day Erik R. van Zuuren, with the assistance of various experts.