Secure by Design?

We are all aware of the fact that cyber threats are everywhere and cybercrime is booming. The days in which simple firewalls and some anti-virus could protect us, are over. Regrettably, in most cases, Business, ICT and Security are still working separately. Business is being pushed to transfer and/or innovate at lightening speeds. ICT has to work under immense pressure to deliver in a world where there is a war for talent. ICT has a basic knowledge of security, while Security is doing a heroic task to try to keep things secure in a world where budgets/means/MoU’s of the adversary vastly outweigh Security’s resources and budget.

Make Sure Security Gets into the Mindset of Business and IT and Vice-versa

Some first steps to resolve this situation, is to make sure Security gets into the mindset of Business and ICT and vice-versa; Security understands the challenges Business and ICT are facing. Therefore, we organise this Summit. With this Summit we want Business and ICT Professionals to see what solutions are available and how they can support their projects and strengthen user-confidence and user-trust in their projects. Ad we want Security Professionals, whilst keeping informed on the latest trends, to understand what is available to support IT and Business.

Understand the Role of Regulation and Compliance

In this context it is also worth mentioning the role of regulation and compliance. E.g. GDPR refers to ‘Security by Design’, which in fact requires that Business, ICT and Security, act together and make sure that any new business project has, as-of-the-drawing-table, security and compliancy in mind. They also have to notice that any architecture has the right security components embedded, so authentication, access enforcement, monitoring, etc are as of day1 in part of the overall solution.  Business, ICT and Security have to know that any IT-development is built with security embedded inside as developers know how to code, test and deploy. Security does no longer, like in the old days, think about just mere firewalls, but starts thinking about securing data and processes.

Who should attend?

As cyber-actors are combining force and share ideas, it would be best if Business, Risk Management, Compliance Management, ICT Management and Security Management take time to have the necessary debates amongst themselves. So we warmly invite you to join our Summit in Square (next to Brussels-central) and enjoy the keynotes, solution provider exposes and ‘limited audience only’ breakouts.