As cyber-actors are combining force and share ideas, it would be best if Business, Risk Management, Compliance Management, ICT Management and Security Management take time to have the necessary debates amongst themselves. So we warmly invite you to join our Summit in Square (next to Brussels-central) and enjoy the keynotes, solution provider exposes and ‘limited audience only’ breakouts. 

We decided on 3 tracks during the Cyber Security Summit 2019.

1. The Human Factor

Non-IT personnel are often being the weakest link in cyber-attacks.The most common human mistakes in cybersecurity are clicking on links, opening unknown attachments, and entering personal or confidential information into a seemingly friendly (and familiar) account. How can these mistakes be prevented, how is awareness created and how are knowledge and skills facilitated? These, and other topics can be discussed in this track.

2. Governance, Risk & Compliance

In this track the audience will be provided with the knowledge and skills needed to support their organisations in Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance Management. A well thought-out plan for GRC helps proactively and systematically identify risks and enables the safety management function to achieve adequate and mature security with the desired levels of internal and external compliance.

3. Trends

What are the latest trends on identifying, protecting against, detecting, responding to en recover from cyber-attacks? In this track you will learn all about the latest technologies and solutions.

The Summit intended target group consists of participants in the following positions:

  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Security Manager/Officer
  • Information Security Manager
  • Security Architect
  • ICT Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Compliance Manager


We are also targeting:

  • CIO’s / CIT-managers
  • CISO’s and Risk Managers
  • DPO’s
  • Internal IT Auditors
  • Programme Managers
  • Enterprise / Solution Architects
  • Cyber Experts
Comments about previous edition:
Dimitri Hiernaux
“It is the place to be to understand what the coming cybersecurity challenges will be.”
Ward de Backer
— Stabe nv
“A useful event with an excellent format, good presentations, a must.”
Erika Billen
— Lokale Politie Voorkempen
“In one word 'Excellent'. I am sure I come back next year. In one day, complete update on the state of the art and opportunity to connect to plenty of interesting people and companies.”
Philippe Mermuys
— Allianz Benelux
“Very mature and professional event that I would recommended to my Security colleagues.”